Requesting help improving the efficiency of changing/assigniing parameter values

I have a detail item with multiple parameters associated with it. I currently have a spiderweb of nodes for GetItemAtIndex and then GetParameter/SetParameter. I don’t know if it is possible to assign parameters in python script or design script, which seems to have the potential to be much cleaner and more efficient, but I am attempting to get something using nodes, but there is some faulty logic on my part. I am trying to iterate through each element and place values for each level parameter for that element…but what I have succeeded in doing is going to each element setting a parameter, go to the next and set the next parameter, etc. Any suggestions?



Hi Neil,

That should be doable with some replication guides. Have a look at the below example:





Thanks Dimitar! I don’t even fully understand what it’s doing, but it seems to work. Do the “<>” refer to the index of an input?


The <>'s specify the rank of the function’s output list. Roughly speaking, in the example above we want to process each individual element(1) and we want to apply all the parameters for each element(2). Finally we want to use only the specific value for each corresponding element (3).