[Request for Feedback] Dynamo Player Updates

Hi all,
We re collecting feedback on some pretty big Dynamo Player Improvements. To test it yourself (virtual machines available! ) Head over to the Autodesk Feedback Site and join the Revit Preview. Updates are available in the December Preview. Feature summary attached. Would love to get your feedback!

FeatureSummary-DynamoPlayerImprovements (1).pdf (340.0 KB)


Looks awesome! Can’t wait to use those features, especially the folder navigation tab.

Also, what are your thoughts about letting users create custom dropdowns which can be used in the dynamo players? Using the same logic as the Data-Shapes dropdown lists


Great to hear!

Yes, many have asked for custom dropdowns and it’s on our list. Can you send a few example use cases? Those are so helpful in convincing people we should do it sooner than later.

I tried thinking about some examples but those could be easily, and probably better, achieved by Data-Shapes, since you can do some calculations/ importing of information before showing the Data-Shapes dialog box, and Data-Shapes allows the end user to have multiple dialog boxes in 1 script.

PS: What I wrote above was from the perspective that a dropdown system already exists in Dynamo.

Is there any possibility to set custom keys for the specific script to execute silently?

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It would be nice to have a basic custom dropdown.
Here’s an example of how it would be very useful:
I used the Revit ‘Family Types’ node and changed the name so that it would load as an input that makes sense in the Dynamo Player (this version of the player is older, but the result is still similar in the new one).


Right now I have a specific embed selected, but if I want someone else to be able to change it, there’s over a hundred available options and most of them do not even apply the graph being used:


Now one might think that Dynamo would have to do some thinking about the Revit Project in order for nodes to filter out all of the families that you don’t want and then make the list, but that is not always the case. Often, you already know what the basic options should be.
The example above wouldn’t be so different from a string input.

Another solution would be to load a dropdown list from a text file:

The goal is not for the text file to pop up; the file on the right is just an example of what the right kind of text file might look like. You would need a separate button underneath to work as a dropdown selector once the right file is chosen. The text file option allows for a little more flexibility. With a single run of the graph, the text file could be modified to show project specific options. The text file would look like this before running if you needed this workflow:

and preferably, it would show up, in the player, in place of the highlighted text below:
Just some ideas. Hopefully one of them is not too difficult to implement.
Otherwise I’m very happy with with other changes to the newest version of the player; currently waiting for some package authors to update their Python Scripts so that Dynamo doesn’t keep producing an error for Iron Python 2, but that is a topic for another day.

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Its been a few months since that last post.
May I just say that the new custom dropdown that comes with the latest installment of Revit 2023 works great! Thanks for listening and managing to include the Dynamo update in the most recent Revit Hotfix. It is awesome!

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