REQUEST: Add X&Y Axis lines to planes

Working with planes along a curve on a project but they only show the normal. It would be really helpfully to be able to also see the X&Y Axis lines so its easier to understand their orientation. Currently, I am just drawing a line for the plane’s X-axis so I can see it. But this can make the rest of the work harder to read.


I remember seeing something like that in the BIM4Struc.Productivity package.
Not sure. Its called a Vector Visualizer node i believe.

Planes represent the imaginary geometry on the X/Y axis of a coordinate system. If you want to visualize said X/Y vectors, try pulling the coordinate system directly, or convert the plane to a coordinate system.

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Great Thanks, Thought it might be simple i had overlooked. Already converting from planes to coordinate system from another task in the code. For those interest this logic also worked on rotated planes.

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