Reporting Elements Intersecting a Generic Model


I have builderswork within my revit model displayed as generic models. I want to report the services intersecting the builderswork and list them in a project parameter (text parameter named - intersecting services).

Example - 3 ducts, 2 pipes and a tray share the same builderswork, I would like the parameter to report as follows:

400x400 EA: 400x200 SA: 200x100 SA: 100ø GAS: 50ø MCWS: 100x50 Tray

Please could you advise the best way of achieving this using Dynamo?

Many Thanks

Hi there,

You could select a single builderswork and convert it to a solid, then select all the ducts, pipes and trays, convert them to solids and find solid intersetions among the first solid and the rest of them.