Dynamo - select category that intersects with another category from list

Hi everyone,

I am trying to select all generic models (Builders work openings) that intersect with pipes or Ducts or Cable trays so that i can add a description of what is going through each opening.

As i have over 1000 openings, i am looking to automate this process. I think the back half of this will work i just need some help with the output. Ideally, it will select all the generic models in the revit view that are intersecting with the chosen category (pipe, duct, tray).

Any suggestions welcome! thank you.


1.) prefilter generic model to the choosen openings!
2.) make a scopebox of each opening
3.) get the elements in it.

i would start this way … :slight_smile: Openings is a universial question in Revit… :slight_smile:



Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your reply

I currently have a view with all BWIC openings in it, pipes, ducts, trays.

What i need is for the script to select all of the BWIC that intersect with a pipe.

Any suggestions?


Not sure if I completely understand your question, but I think you could use a boolean mask to select those elements

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