Replication Gudies in Code Blocks Not Being Applied on Run

This Screencast shows the possible issue I am having with Replication Guides in Code Blocks, using Dynamo Version running with Revit 2015.

Adding Replication Guides to input ranges in a Code Block (to get cross-product lacing with nested lists) does not get applied when pressing Run (or if Run Automatically is checked). A change to one of the values in the input has to be made for the added replication guides to take effect. (Simply deleting an input value and retyping the same value does not trigger the application of the replication guides; the change must be to a different value.) Removing the Replications Guides also does not trigger an immediate change; an input value must be modified for the removal to take effect.

The “Code Blocks” video on the Learn page of the Dynamo website shows the changes taking place immediately after clicking out of the code block after adding the replication guide. Has something changed from the version used to make the video, to the version I am using? Or was the video edited, removing the section where a value was changed, and then changed back, to get the replication guides to be applied?

Works great for me on the same version (0.75 RC2)


Tried this again, at home this time, and I am still not getting updates when adding or changing the Replication Guides. I have to change at least one value (or value range) for the change to the Replication Guides to be expressed.


Please put curly braces for Z value and then it will update correctly. (Ex, Point.ByCoordinates((0…#101)<1>, (0…#101)<2>,{0}):wink:

I will find out the reason for this.

I hope this will help you to move forward.



Adding curly braces to the Z-coordinate forced a third level to the list nesting, with just one item per third level list. At the time the curly braces were added, the list recalculated, but after those braces are in place, a subsequent change to the Replication Guide numbers does not result in an update of the Watch node (or code block watch).