Retrieving filters applied to some template

Good day!
Is there a possibility to get a list of filters which applied to concrete template?
It can be done by addressing to views but I need directly from templates, if it is possible.

Hello…do you mean something like this


It is, thank you very much!

One more question. How did you set “1” in code block? I mean as I understood this symbol allows to form one list instead of lists in list.

Hi @cool.inna-24

Im on Revit 2021 and you are probably on earlier version for both Revit and Dynamo…I think it actually comes with Revit 2021…

Do you know how can I realise it the other way?

Not sure which Revit version do you work on and which Dynamo version ?


Think your dynamo for revit is binded to whatever version there and dont support it…btw its just a key number…

But i am sure @JacobSmall can say exactly what is possible here…goood luck :wink:

Thank you, @sovitek )

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All true statements. Since Revit 2020 all Dynamo for Revit installations are tied to your Revit installation. If you want a new Dynamo feature, you’ll need to update Revit as a result.

The numbers at the left side of the code block are the line numbers, which was released in Dynamo 2.6 (more info here) and was only released for Revit 2021.

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is it the same in 2022 ?

Yes. Dynamo for Revit will only be released with Revit updates going forward. You can always use the latest version of Dynamo Sandbox if you don’t need Revit interaction, or if you don’t mind repeated serialization via the Remember node and a bunch of warnings.

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