Replicate select element button (Custom UI Node)

Hi All,

I am developing a Custom UI Node which I want to put few selection model element button together. Currently I am able to select elements from Revit (tested by using Zero Touch), but I am stuck at how to convert these elements to AssociativeNode so can be output by dynamo custom UI. Is Dynamo even allow developers to do custom selection in such way ?

Script to Select elements from Revit:

Zero Touch Test

Custom UI Test Connection
For this code , i just want to make sure the elements is being selected and stored in the system.


Thank You !

Hi @Clover
There are a couple resources for this. There are instruction for "Custom UI " nodes:

And a more in depth discussion of these more advanced nodes here:

And you can look at the specific code used to create selection in Revit in Select Model Element here:

Hope that helps!


DynamoSamples repo may be the simplest to use.

I am able to get the Curve from Revit now but it brings out other issues.
Here is link to the updated post: