Replacing existing Family Parameters with Shared Parameters - doesn't work

Hello All, I’ve tried to use and simplify Aussie BIM Guru’s graph to replace existing Family Parameters with Shared Parameters of the same name. I must have done something wrong as it didn’t work.
I wonder if you could have a quick glance at it.

TEST.FamilyParameters.To.SharedParameters.dyn (51.1 KB)

@M4RC3L just a small tip to get the nodes’ name, before you click the Export Workspace As Image (the camera button), zoom in so you can see the name of the nodes then click it, this way you make sure the names will appear within your captured image.

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Thank you Tradellie,

Hope this one’s a tad better:

Ignore the bottom part please though, I thought I’d use it but eventually didn’t

At the end you’re using the element name instead of the actual element for the parameters to change.

Thank you Nick,

Sadly, even after change, it didn’t work either

Clearly, I am doing something wrong, just can’t quite put my finger on it.

Can you show the input lists you’re providing to the ParameterReplaceFamily node?


Input to ParameterReplaceFamily node comes from FamilyParameters node via List.FilterByBoolMask. Not sure if that is what you mean…