Replacing Groups Automatically

Hope someone can help.
I am trying to swap out or replace certain groups within revit for other defined groups.
I have placed all the groups into a model and given them a unique location identifier as a shared parameter by instance
I want to pull out the group type and location identifier and export into excel (I also added ID)
Then change the data, push back into dynamo
And then automatically replace groups in line with the excel

I seem to have done all but the last part, I can see various packages for setting family types, but not groups, I think they work in a different way but I’m not sure.

Below is the import with the list of items coming back in “A2” is the location identifier, then group type, then unique ID.

Hi Matt, I’m far from being a expert but looks like you’re not feeding the parameter name to the set parameter nodes. I’m working in a definition that uses this method and it works. If your image shows a early stage of the development, forgive me for my obvious comment.

I’m not sure what you’re asking for, what’s the data you’re getting and what’s the data you’d want?