Replacing fondation walls by structural framing

Hi everybody,

I would like to know if I can replace wall foundations by structural framings as a foundation walls.

I know I can insert beams by a curve:

However I don’t know how to get a curve from the center of a Wall or from the center of a Foundation Wall.

Thank you.

Hi :slight_smile:

I think you could use the Element.GetLocation node. That will give you the curve that define a wall (the line you drew on Revit i you will). Also work with beams.

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Thank you very much that works!

This solves a part of my problem.

I’m looking for a way to select the Foundation Wall that is hosted on the selected wall. I would like to do that for 3 reasons:
1- Erase the existing Foundation Wall.
2- Get and set the Mark parameter in the new beam.
3- Get the dimension of the Fondation Walls to insert the correct new beam directly. (Perhaps I’m too ambitous :thinking:)

Thank you.

I think archi-lab package has a Element.delete node.

Don’t know how to do the other things you want to do :confused: