Create Beam with curve wall

I am trying to make a copy to model a window on a wall and modeling, I have the doubt on how to obtain the “Curve” of the wall to turn it into a beam with the node Structure structural Beam By Curve. Thank you


Hi @jamess166

Remove polycurve connection and connect “Element.GetLocation” to it. The error says it all “Polycurve is not iterable”. It is expecting curve right now your connecting polycurve to it.

I also tried that, but it does not work.

Use Curve.Approximatewith Arc and LineSegments node after Element.GetLocation to convert line to curve.

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I have another doubt, the line comes out at the base of the wall, as I do to project it on the top, thanks

@jamess166 You could also use OOTB nodes.

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you are a crack, thank you very much

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am trying to make a Join Geometry to the beam with the wall, however for some reason it does not work, I have tried the scrip in a separate file selecting the beams and the walls and it works for me, I hope some recommendations. Thank you


please start a new topic.