Replacing character(not string)

I want to change “-” character to “,” after code block. String replace node not worked. How can i do this ?

Blue means your object is a number, not a string. What you actually have here is a mathematical equation. You need to put a string in quotations (“string”). Then you will be able to use String.Replace.

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Is there any node for number like a string replace node ?

A little bit of Design-Script can help you here.:wink:


Like this?

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The problem isn’t the object type. The problem is that you don’t have 17 numbers separated by a “-”, you have a single equation that results in a single number.

296 - 297 = -1 - 141 = - 142 - 142 = -284 …

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Exactly what @Nick_Boyts said. This is a data types issue. You can’t use a , character in a number - it would have to be a string.