Replacing Blank List Values (View Name to Title on Sheet)


I am attempting to replace blank values in a list that was generating from gather “Title on Sheet” information from a Revit project. My goal is to replace the blank values with values generated from gathering “View Name” information from Revit. For example, if item 3 is blank in the “Title on Sheet” list I would like to replace it with item 3 from the “View Name List” in order to create a list with no blank values.

I think, “Title on Sheet” can be edit from View or sheet element but not from Viewports, its a read only parameter for viewport. below is the way around you could try.


@bcgruendl a code block like what is shown in the image below will do the trick. The commented out lines in green in the code block are just an explanation of what each line is doing

@jalshu Title on Sheet is not Read-Only for Viewports:


ahh my bad. “sheet name” is read only parameter from from viewport not “Title on sheet”
Thanks! @awilliams

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@awilliams thank you. this accomplished exactly what I was trying to do. View%20Name%20to%20Title%20on%20Sheet%20complete