How to set the viewport view name parameter via its sheet name

I backed myself into a corner with a previous script and now I need to copy the sheet name to the viewport name on each sheet. The only problem is that there are multiple masking viewports on the sheet and I need to filter them out and only rename the one real viewport. I think Im pretty close but its refusing to write the info back into the View Name parameter. I am pretty sure I am getting confused on my list organization some how but I need some more advance eyes to look at it for me please! I think it has to deal with I filtered out everything so now everything is strings, and I lost the relation to the list of elements, so I dont know how to coordinate the two so that they are properly named with each other.

I read 2 issues here:

  • “its refusing to write the info back into the View Name parameter”
  • "I lost the relation to the list of elements"
    I don’t have much time at the moment to look at it but I (or someone else) will. For the first question, you probably need to verify the type of data required as an input. For the second issue, you can first take a look here:
    Inconsistency by filtering

Although it was a worth while read, I dont know how it would apply to my situation exactly. I think you might be on to something with index and but I dont really understand those nodes too well, so I have no way of knowing how it will work with any assurance. Any advise would be clutch at this point. thanks!

Yeah I tried it with that Springs Dictionary key node, and I seem to just be botching it all up. :confused:

Look carefully: you are trying to set a parameter value to a list of strings while you need to set it to a filtered list of elements, like so:

Ok, well that seems to make a lot of sense, but I am getting an error message that says that I am duplicating view names, which is understandable, except for the fact that the first drafting view error was supposed to be filtered out in my bool mask.

  1. Why is it still in the list to be modified and causing this error?
  2. Can I filter views out by type? ie. Drafting View, Floor Plan, etc?
  3. Is there a way to put in an error handler to rename, a view, after the Rename, if the rename contains a duplicate name like this? (you might have to read that twice)


It would probably need further investigation but first, I would say that your boolean mask does not match your initial list, since it’s already reduced by the first FilterByBooleanMask node. This could be why…

yeah, thats what i need help with. the filtered list and the element list arent the same size. That was one of my original questions. I want need to filter down the list to trim off what I dont want, then use that list to make changes to it. how do i do that then?

You need to filter only once. Try this instead (this String.Contains node is from Archi-lab Grimshaw):

I tried it your way. But still no dice.

I can’t replicate this situation but I would suggest to insert a Flatten node just after View.GetViewport

Alright well I determined that I cant use the custom String.Contains node from Grimshaw because it doesnt seem to want to take the string list like you have there. But that aside I figured it out most of the way but I am getting an error message as I try to write in the names of the parameters. It says that some of the View Names are ‘read only’ but thats not true. Can you @Yna_Db or anyone else please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks so much!

Personally, I don’t know. Element.SetParameterByName works in my case, so it should be something else. Please note that your graph is a bit confused and hard to read for others: some more groups and titles could help…