Remove Title on Sheet property from certain views

I want to create a graph which will remove the Title on Sheets property from all views of a certain type, in this case Drafting Views. I am a novice with Dynamo and am stymied early in the graph’s steps. First, I do not know how to create a mask to filter out the views which already have no value for their Title on Sheet property. Second, and looking at the bigger picture, is my assumed method going about this well? My method is to create a list of all Drafting Views, filter to include only those views with a Title on Sheet value, then replace any text with a blank value. Third, if this is an effective approach, then which nodes would I use to replace any text in the Title on Sheet property with an empty value? I see various nodes to replace specified text with another value, but I am unaware of any nodes which change all values to a blank value, or some function similar to this.

Here is what I have so far (as I said, I am early in the process of creating this graph):

You’re over-complicating it, but you’ve got the idea. Title on Sheet obviously only shows if it has a value. There’s no reason to filter your views or replace values though. Just take all your drafting view elements and set Title on Sheet to blank.

Thank you, your suggestion to simplify the process is the key. The completed graph is below and it is wonderfully simple.

Another question (please let me know if this would be best made a separate post): is there a way to filter the Drafting Views to create a list which only includes views in a certain user-made type? For example, I have a handful of different manually-created types of Drafting Views for organizational and functional purposes, such as “Schematic Design”, “Construction Documents” and “Contract Administration”. It would be nice if I could change only one set of these to have the same name, such as making all the Drafting Views of the type “Contract Administration” have the Title on Sheet “Detail”. Is filtering to such types possible?

You’ll have to check the forum. There have been similar posts about filtering or selecting views by view family type. I believe it’s not a very straight forward process.