Replace String list with new String List

Hello everyone :smiley:
Today i am trying to Replace my Wall Comment value with Different value.

with below script

as you can see String.Replace node perfectly. but when i connect my output to Element.SetParameterByName node, i am getting below result,

i think “A” value replaced by “X”, “B” to “Y” , “C” to “Z”. but i don’t know why its not Replace Properly,
i have tried all Lacing also.
i can replace value one bye one with String.Replace node, but if i want to replace whole list with another list then what should i do?
i hope i am explaining properly :slight_smile:
Please let me know if i am missing something.

You are a only replacing the values for the first three items because of the List.Unuiqe. why are you using that? If you remove it and then check your lacing I think it should work.

i have also tried without List.Unique Node. but didn’t get proper result with String.Replace node.
see below script.

also tried Element.SetParameterByName with all Lacing.

Revit 2019 : String Replace.rvt (1.3 MB)
Dynamo 2.0 : StringReplace.dyn (18.8 KB)

Maybe check this thread and see if it can keep you moving.

I have checked but didn’t find the way.
but i found same String.Replace node in ORCHID PACKAGE.
Its work perfectly. see below image :smiley:

i just wonder whey default node is not working like ORCHID PACKAGE node.
i just want to use default nodes for this task. if you have any idea if we only use default nodes then please let me know if its possible with default nodes. if not then i will mark as a solution. :smiley:

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