Replace pipes by lines


Hey guys!
I’m kinda new with Dynamo and I wanted to know if it is possible to replace a pipe network by lines (3d model lines). I need them for a project in which I am working on regarding pipe sizing and hydraulic supply. The pipes should be replaced by lines so I can get the linear size of some parts of the network.

Can u guys give me any idea on how to accomplish that?


Element.Location node and a model line by curve node should do the trick.


That did the trick, thanks Jacob!

Now I have another problem: I have the list in the attached image with my X, Y and Z values in a line of the list, and when I export this list to excel, it shows the way it is in the image, but I want to separate the values by rows: Instead of having one line in excel with all information, I would like to have several rows separating my x, y and z values. Any ideas?


You don’t have X/Y/Z cooridnates - you have lines, which are defined by a start point and an end point.

You need to get the start point, then the X value/y value/z value for each, then get the endpoint and quarry the same X/Y/Z values.

Nodes to look into:

You should also take some time to read though the Dynamo primer, as many of these questions you’re running into are well documented there.


Thanks, Jacob!


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