Replace Model Groups in multiple files

Hi All
I am wondering if such a script can be created. We create multiple floor models and many times if we need to make a change in a model group in a file, it needs to be done in all the floors where that group is used. It can be of great help if this can be done automatically.


I’m trying to do something similar, i was thinking of using linked groups, or one base file with all the groups and copy the group types using dynamo.

OK. Any idea what nodes are there to select group, and replace group?

Which version of revit are you using? In versions 2018 and 2019 groups are found under the Model Group category.
I wouldnt know how in 2017 or before.

Here are two different ways of getting to model groups, should be possible from non linked files too (maybe with open file and close file), but ill have to look into that later.

Im curious what you come up with, let me know!


OK. Will try something.