Replace Family Parameters with shared parameters

Hi everybody, is it possible to have some help for the following subject :
I’m trying to use the FamilyDocReplaceParameter node from the crumple Package from @GavinCrump to replace family parameters with shared parameters.

I don’t understand why I have three nulls at the end of this script and why it’s not changing anything in the current family doc document

( for more info of what’s coming next :

  • It’s a script that I would like to use with Bird Tools dynamo multiplayer
  • I would like to replace the Code block that gives parameters name to replace and to add by an excel import)

Ok it was my Mistake, I will share the correct script tomorrow because it works like a charm with the right data flow !

Give this version a spin - I revisited this workflow and really tightened it up beyond my old tutorial.

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Thank you Gavin !
I will look after your new workflow soon

If someone wants to make the same thing one day, here is the right script/graph (the excel import is still missing but the replacement works)

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