Replace empty list with list (eg. replace empty list with [A,B,C] )

Hello all, I’m trying to replace the empty lists with list


index 1 [a,b,c]
index 2 [a,b,c]
index 3 empty list
index 4 [a,b,c]
index 5 empty list

-I want to replace the empty list with a list [A,B,C]

index 1 [a,b,c]
index 2 [a,b,c]
index 3 [A,B,C]
index 4 [a,b,c]
index 5 [A,B,C]

I’ve tested several methods but none of them work perfectly. Some of them work with a single value, some of them can only replace item at one index. Please see the snapshot for detail.

I really hope someone can give me some advice. Thank you!

Make the List.ReplaceEmptyList cross-laced

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I believe Orchid has nodes for replacing multiple indices in a list or you can write something in python to do it. Ootb nodes won’t do multiple indices at once.

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Thanks, Daan & Nick

I manage to use both List.ReplaceEmptyLists and Manage.ReplaceNulls to get what I want.

Here is the solution:

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@Macchi I don’t think that worked as you expected. Look at the values of your sublists. They’re just being repeated.

Here’s a simple python code that will do the trick:

output = []

for a in IN[0]:
	if len(a) == 0:
OUT = output


Thanks Nick. That’s a much simpler solution.

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