Change empty lists in sublists into "---"

I have been trying to change all the empty lists into “—”. I have tried the all the three lacings of the “List.ReplaceEmptyLists” node from clockwork but there are still a number of empty lists. Please help me if you have a solution! Thank you!

Hi, have you tried Flatten the list(s) or get the indices of “Empty Lists” ?

I have tried the “Flatten” node, but the “Empty Lists” will all be omitted. Therefore, I hope to replace all “Empty Lists” into “—” first before Flattening the list.

Could you explain more about getting the indices of “Empty Lists”? I think it might work. :slight_smile:

Have a look at list-levels :slight_smile:


@CVestesen by flattening you’re removing the empty lists completely:)

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@Jonathan.Olesen - you’re absolutly right, I didn’t know. Thank you!
@xiang19981 - sorry for the late answer but I think I would take a look at Jonathan’s answer.

New… and much better answer :slight_smile: Use the Orchid “replace” node which is working for numerous list depths.


Thank you, I think this is the solution I am looking for! But, I couldn’t find the List.Replace node. By Orchid “replace” node, do you mean it is a node found in the Orchid package?

Yes the node is found in the orchid package :slight_smile: if you do not have it installed remember it is installed from github :slight_smile:

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