Reorganize points for nurbs curved surface

Is there a way to reorganize the points of the list so a “normal” nurbs curved surface will be generated?

Can you expand your List.Chop node so that we can see the structure of the data? You can most certainly reorder your points, but without knowing what the data looks like it’s difficult to give specific direction.

This is the list chop data

Your grid of points appears to be 9x9, is there any particular reason you’re dividing it into lists of 4?

Actually it was just a random number I put in. But also if I replace the number by 3 the points are still in a wrong organized list. The points are made in different parts. The points in the middle are made in a part and the points on the boundary are made in another part. reorganize points for nurbs surface.dyn (251.0 KB)

Is it possible to sort the points by Z vector and X vector? Because to only vector that is changed is the Y. If I sort it by Z and X it should be in the right order or does the nurb surface works otherwise?

I would suggest approaching this slightly differently. You are currently creating a surface from 4 edges and processing the points on the perimeter separately from the points in the interior. Lunchbox also has a Surfaces.DivideSurfaceUV node which will output a list of points with the proper data structure which can be manipulated and fed directly back into a NurbsSurface.ByPoints node.

Thanks will work with this!