Columns and rows in nurbsurface

Hi guys, I am triying tocreate a Nurbs surface with this points. I have organize them in a vertical way, so i have 7 list and in each one a set of points…I can´t create a Nurbsurface, maybe because it is not a rectangular shape of points??

The points has different z values. Thanks in advance

The number of points in each sublist should be the same in order for the NurbsSurface.ByControlPoints node to work.
I hope that helps.

So is impossible to create a nurbssurface with those points?? As you can see the number of points are not the same in each sublist

Well I don’t like the idea of impossible. I guess if you rearange the list or if you create duplicates of some of the points in order to have equal amounts. Or you could try creating nurbs curves first and then loft them into a surface.

I have try viktor to create nurbs curve with those points and then try to create a nurbssurface, and it doesn´t work…i can create a rectangular shape of points but it is a little bit of “cheat” jejej

I tried surface by curves and Nurbsurface by curves (from Landform package) :

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Viktor thx¡ I have try another time with surface by loft and it works…I don´t know what i was doing yesterday that when i tried the node surface,byloft with the nurbscurve it allways crash…Thank u :smiley:

Could try this too…
NurbsSurface.dyn (7.1 KB)