Reorder View set to print .pdf by excel

Hi to all,
I need to change the order of a view set to print in.pdf file, without modify the project browser structure. This goal is moved to don’t use any pdf tools to modify the order of pdf file.
I’m trying that using an exported schedule sorted by the parameter “Page Number”, but any suggests are welcome.
Thank you

ReorderPDF.rvt (2.5 MB)
WIP-ReorderPDFPrint.dyn (47.2 KB)
Sheet List.xlsx (9.9 KB)

@liuk.ofria If you want to use Excel then you need to create a dictionary, get ValueAtKey and then use List.SortByKey node to get the required order. WIP-ReorderPDFPrint - Excel.dyn (34.0 KB)

But if you want to use the Page Number Parameter then using just the List.SortByKey node will get the job done. WIP-ReorderPDFPrint.dyn (19.5 KB)

Thank you @AmolShah! I think this is exactly what I missed. I’ll try it as soon and let you know the results!

Hi @AmolShah, thank you again for your support… but it still not works properly. With your help the script now is sorting the sheet list, but I need to change the order as in the schedule, not sorting the schedule too. I would like to print pdf in the same order of the excel file, but the node sort both the sheet list and the keys from schedule…

@liuk.ofria I’m not sure if I understand your request.

But see if this helps: WIP-ReorderPDFPrint - Excel Updated.dyn (31.4 KB)

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Hi @AmolShah

This is exactly what I needed!! I just added a node to remove nulls from the list, depending on the designers’ needs (sometimes they don’t print all sheets, so there may be a little difference of sheets between viewset and schedule, but for them it’s important to have the same order of the schedule). Now it works great!

Thank you again, you helped me a lot!

WIP-ReorderPDFPrint - Excel Updated.dyn (37.0 KB)

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I made some small changes. Now I’m able to get the sorted value parameter from the schedule without exporting the schedule. This is the final script version. Hope this will be usefull for other users.

Reorder ViewSet by ParameterValue.dyn (58.5 KB)

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