Renumbering Smaller Area (Mechanical shafts...)


New to the forum and please pardon my bad English.

I was having hard time with renumbering smaller areas (Mechanical shafts, etc…) with select model curve to renumber elements.

So I am creating a different method referring to “Traveling Salesman problem”

This gets me a point to re organize the point’s list so that they are recognizable at XY coordinate system.(List 1)

My next step is to re-sort the list order of my areas (List 2) so that it matches “List 1”

I followed video below for above purpose but it’s not giving me desired outcome.

I appreciate all of your help in advance.

Are the points in list 2 the same points in list 1, just a different order? If so, why do you need list 2 sorted as list 1 when you can just use list 1.

If they are not the same points, how do you want to sort list 2 based on list 1?

Hi @kennyb6 , Thank you for asking questions so I can clarify.

They are same points in different order. (List 1 is xy dynamo points, List 2 is Mechanical shaft areas in Revit)

List 1 is created from List 2’s xy points, but following shortest travel distance.

I am trying to match List 2 to List 1 because List 2, the mechanical shaft areas’s order is in random order.

(I added two different labels order of the points on the image I uploaded previously to show this)

I was expecting the video I linked would re-sort List 2’s order but had no luck.

I am guessing resorting the list order by matching XY coordinates may solve this problem but need help with that method (if this is the valid method)