Renumber Door by Pick Order - Loop my code


I have a code which will renumber Door Mark by Pick Order using Rhythm Isolate Pick Model Elements (ordered) node.

Once run, the “Starting Number” dialogue will pop-up asking for an input, and the user will then pick the door in which order he wants and its door mark will be renumbered.

my problem is that, without exiting the code, if I toggle the Boolean wired to the rhythm node, the “Starting Number” dialogue doesn’t pop-up unless I close the Dynamo and open the code again.

Is there a solution to this? my coding knowledge is very basic.


This toggle process has worked for me, between runs in the past. Have you tried running this via the dynamo player? You could also try the Select.elements.ordered node from #springnodes


nope. I don’t have dynamo player, I’m using 2016 version…
thanks for the spring node, I’ll check that one out