Renumber Curtain panel tags using spline

HI, I am trying to renumber curtain panels of each floors in a specific pattern using spline. I found other script and tried to modify it. it works on structural category but doesn’t work on curtain panels.
can someone help?
I just want to renumber curtain panel from 1w001 , 1w002, … etc

Please show us what you already have tried


IGU RENUMBER _selected model elements_v2 - Copy.dyn (14.1 KB)

Another script which I made, using clockwork dynamo. This works for now. But I still need to renumber IGU in a bit different pattern. This script renumber IGU in X direction and only for 1 WALL. I need to renumber IGU for single level frorenumber curtain panel_ pick curtain wall_04162018.dyn (9.1 KB)
m right to left, bottom to top.

@Nico_Stegeman: I uploaded few versions above