Got wrong order when renumbering doors as mark using spline


I’ve got a good script to renumber doors based on splines and it’s working without errors,but the problem is instead of getting numbering based on the spline position, I’ve got the door numbering based on any random order (I think it might be based on the element ID order, I’m not sure)

The blue line is the numbering order I’ve got and the red line is the order I wanted

I’m really newbie and I don’t understand how exactly this script works, so any help is really appreciated!
Source of the script:
Sorry for not posting the scrip, new users cannot upload more than 1 image per post



I interpreted the code a little and cleaned it.
Please try to give information about the results. İt is working flawlessly.


designtech_RenumberDoorByGuideCurve_0.9.2.dyn (45.1 KB)

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Hi Durmus,

Thank you so much for your support. It’s working pretty much fine now!