Renaming wall "type mark" with the name of the wall "type"

I am new to dynamo, been wanting to get on board for a while. I am working on a project and I need to rename all the Type Mark names of walls with the Type names of the same wall. To each type mark name its own family type name.

I was trying to teach myself via youtube tutotials but can’t quite get the hang of it, hoping someone in here could give me a hand !

Thank you so much.

@aec9.studio77 ,

do this
PyTypeToMark.dyn (10.0 KB)

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Work your way through the Dynamo Primer. Do all the examples (and try to apply them to your own workflows if you can).

Alos, be sure to always search the forums for similar topics before asking a question. You may not find a topic covering your exact process, but you will usually be able to find content that matches your intent.