Renaming not working (ish)

Hi I am trying to make automatic area plans based on the available area schemes. (this works and makes a beatiful 192 views) But then comes the part of renaming. It renames only the first 64 views. after that it stops. It clearly shows it has 192 names and 192 views but in the rename it only shows 64. When i put the Views.SetName to shortest it stays 64 renames. on Longest it says it renames 192 views but afther the 64th view it just says null. Putting it on crossproduct gives 1536 renames but still only renames the first 64.

ps: how to i make a seperator in the name? the views shouldnt be stitched together like they are but i could live without a seperator.

What am i missing or what am i doing wrong?

Try to Flatten the ByLevelAndAreaScheme result to get the lists in the same format.

It just dawned at me to do the flatten. And it works. thanks Now i am going to try and add a space in between the 2 names :smiley:

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