Renaming views... glitch?


EDIT: Thanks @kennyb6. Dynamo graph below. …I tried putting a ‘transaction.end’ node in because it seems to work up until I try and rename the view 2x in 1x graph.
MarkValueTOViewName.dyn (31.2 KB)

What I am trying to do: We have a script which creates window elevations, the windows are then labelled by their mark values. At the same time, the view name is assigned which corresponds with the mark value. Sometimes the mark values change during a project, and this will mean that the view name is now incorrect. Cue in-office confusion

Image of whole graph

Beginning of renaming views

Second Part

This is the part that isn’t working

Initial description below… I’m working on getting better at communicating this stuff.

I have this error with renaming views in which the error screen in Revit states: The name entered is already in use. Enter a unique name.

Note: I am not creating new views, only renaming existing ones.

When I expand that out it has a view name from my new list (eg ‘X6’). This name didn’t exist before I ran the dynamo script.

and it is ringing a bell in my head… is it always #6?

So what is really interesting is that when I right-click on the view, and click ‘rename’, the original view name ghosts in. (FYI I can’t rename the view as it’s original name.)

See images below:



FYI I am using Dynamo 1.3.3 on Revit 2019.

Thank you.

Are you renaming them in Dynamo? If you are, please post your Dynamo graph because we have no idea what you are doing that got you to this point.

For taking pictures of your dynamo graph, zoom in until you can read the nodes completely, then click the camera icon in the top right. It will take a picture of the entire graph for you.

My preference here was always to just assign all of these window views a temporary name based on the datetime at which the graph was run, then overwrite those values with the correct name after the fact.

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You need a Transaction.Start node After the Transaction.End node. That should work, or I usually do as @jacob.small says and gives them temp names just to make sure.

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Thanks for your help @jacob.small & @SeanP.

I’ve now tried both of these techniques… but I still seem to be having the same issue. It may be something to do with how our work computers are set up…

I’ve tried now splitting this workflow into 2x graphs to find where the issue could be.

  • 1x graph which just wipes the window names and puts a datetime placeholder
  • 1x graph which renames the views as the window mark

The renaming with a placeholder graph works great, see below:

The issue is somewhere here… I ran this graph directly after the first one. So as soon as I run it, the view names appear to change back to ‘W04’, ‘W05’ etc. FYI If I click on the views, the parameter remains as the temporary datetime one.

Here are snapshots of the graphs:



What could be causing this & how can I make it work?

Thank you