Renaming name's filter

Hi dynamo’s expert,
I just start to learn dynamos and I need help.I need to rename all my view’s filter.I’m wondering if it’s possible with dynamos ? here what i did until now.
thank’s for help

It doesn’t Work x_x

what does the error say
(look for it in the yellow marker on the top of the node)
I see you have changed the name of the parameter from “Nom” to “Name”

It’s said there’s no parameter found By that name …
For the name i’m using french version,I changed the ''nom"" to ''name" because i tried the English version to try if it works.
I want to change filter name .I think that the name parameter is name.

can you try this:
use element.parameters to check the Name -or Nom-
use the output from filter by booleanmask (IN)

This is what you get:
image .


I dont think you are feeding in Filters here

Yes I am.
I was just testing the problem while you wrote the post.

Indeed , I doestn’t work for me ,
I think that I’am gonna change 214 name’s filter manually…

I found that the node Element.SetParameterByName has to be replaced by Element.SetName


YEAAAAAAH, it’s work thank you so much you make me very Happy :slight_smile:

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Well done @m.rijsmus!

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