Renaming multiple Wall Sweep Types

Hi fellows,
I’m facing some dificulty trying to rename multiple Wall Sweeps at the same time. I’ve searched here in the forum and found one topic talking about it but in a way a bit “confuse” and the problem was not solved. Found this one as well where a solution is pointed using a python script, but need to select an instance in order to rename its Type Name.
I’ve been trying to use Clockwork node Element.SetName and its finally result still “false”, as you can see bellow:

Another try was using the node Element.SetParameterValueByNameCaSeiNSeNSiTiVe from Rythm package but without success again.

Is there a simple way to do it, or am I missing something?

Thank you in advance!

I think you need to rename the Family Type instead of an Instance of that Family Type, but i am not sure.

In your first example you’re trying to rename the wall element rather than the wall type. If you get the type instead of the element instance I think you should be sorted.

Thank you @Daan and @Hamish for your answers. In the first script, I tried to colect the instances first and then get the correspondent family type so I can change it. I’ve based it in the this topic in a script proposed by @archjahzzy, but maybe it not work that fine with system families.
As you both mentioned maybe the problem could be in what should be collected (if types or elements), but even collecting the family types that we want to rename, it still not changing using the clockwork node Element.SetName.

RenameWallSweeps_test001.dyn (8.4 KB)

If this is the problem, i.e., trying to change a Family Type name using a node that, aparently, only change the element name, is there any way to set the name of a family type?
Thank you for helping!

Your script works fine for me. I can change the type name of both the default ‘Cornice’ and my own sweeps.

Might be to do with your version of Revit/Dynamo/Clockwork not being up to date? Only thing I can think of off the top of my head.

I’m using Dynamo 2.0.2 and clockwork 2.1.1. Can you tell me wich version are you using @Hamish?
Thank you

Maybe try Clockwork 2.3. I think I remember a few Clockwork nodes from 2.0/2.1 broke for Revit 2020, so if you’re using 2020 and an older version of Clockwork that might be the problem.