Renaming Civil 3D Paperspace Layout names

Hello everyone,

I have a Civil 3D File with a lot of Paperspace Layouts, all with an unique name. The problem with these names is that i can’t batch rename these Paperspace Layouts to a new name if needed.

I tried using Dynamo for Civil 3D but i couldn’t figure out how to extract the names from each paperspace.
The way i want the renaming to work is similar to this. (The example is in Revit, i would like to do this in Civil)

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think that this is currently possible with OOTB nodes. There are some nodes for getting layout names and viewports in the Civil 3D Toolkit package, but there are no “Set Name” nodes that I know of. Perhaps @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 knows of a solution using Python.

If you’re not set on using Dynamo, you could try writing a batch renaming script using the LAYOUT command (example in this post).

working on it…


Hey that is exactly what i am looking for, but i cant find these nodes.
Are these from the new oncoming update or from a package?


yes just in the middle of an upgrade

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Sweet! Can’t wait for the update!