Rename Type with Python Script

Good morning.
I am trying to learn PYTHON SCRIPT.
My goal is to rename the types of doors I have.
What method should I use to be able to do it? Thank you for your help!

@ammed.riveros try param.Name = “door01”, check this if you want to know more:

That’s what I’m doing…??

@ammed.riveros just write it as I have shown you, and basically, you rename types not instances, so the collector should be WhereElementIsElementType()

You need to use the .Set method of the paramter, not using “=”.


Hello @ammed.riveros
in order to facilitate those who wish to help you, can you copy-paste your code in your first post :wink:

I have followed your instructions… but it is not possible to rename the doors with the new name… why?

ALL_MODEL_TYPE_NAME is a read-only parameter.

While ELEM_TYPE_PARAM accepts writing.

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You can use directly the Name property setter

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Why does your code have symbols that look like dots?


What do they mean and why don’t I have them??? how can i have them?

Need Dynamo 2.8 or higher