Rename text and label styles in RVT (mostly Annotation Symbols)

is there an easy way to do it? thanks

looks like no way to process directly in RVT, i have to do it in RFA one by one which is tedious for sure, especially close/open Dynamo file per family (any solution or workaround for this “not pointing to current document” issue?)

may i know if you just wanna rename the family?? if you just want to rename the family, there are lots of ways to do it. Just give it a search in the forum. Same goes for family symbols (in projects), AKA family types (in families).

Give screenshots or sample of your code could help us to help you to better solve your problem or guide you in the right direction :slight_smile:

no, rename text and label styles within families which seems can only be done in RFA via Dynamo, i guess it probably can be done in RVT via API
my idea is to process multiple families within RVT instead of per each RFA within family editor which also require open/close same Dynamo file per each RFA