Rename scope boxes per view

Hi there,

I’m trying to rename all the scope boxes in certain views.

I filtered the views I want to rename, and imported the names I want it convert it to.

However it’s giving me an error. The input doesn’t have the correct storage type. I feel like I’m really close to the solution, but I can’t quite get it yet.

Can anybody help me out?


Hi @tomwijnholt ,

I am confused by the item type you are feeding through in the bottom and your request to rename Scope Boxes. It seems like you want to replace the Scope Box parameter value in your elements?

Hi @Daan

The Item types at the bottom are Floor Plan Views. (see picture in Revit).

Yes I want to replace the Scope Box Parameter value in these floor plans to the given names from excel.

I see, you probably need to write the actual Scope Box as the parameter value instead of the name (a string). You would have to add something in between to get the Scope Box corresponding to your EXXX list.

That’s also why the node is erroring, the parameter value doesnt accept strings as input.

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Ofcourse, thanks for the tip. It’s working now! :slight_smile: