Rename PDF Script - nothing happening

Hi all,

I’m fairly inexperienced with Dynamo, I’ve done a bit of playing about over the past year or so but not really created anything substantial.

I’m currently trying to develop a definition that basically renames all batch printed PDFs into our standard format, using the parameters within the Revit model. However when i press run, nothing happens.

I have attached what i have got to so far, I’ve possibly done it a long winded method!

At the end of my script I’ve attempted to use a Python Script which i just found in the search, which i hoped would take all my inputs and give me what i wanted (wishful thinking i know).

Essentially the final inputs can be broken down as follows:

  1. Find directory path of batch saved pdf files.
  2. Find the text parameters or names of batch saved pdf files.
  3. New file naming format.

I’m somehow hoping that the input 2. would replace input 1. but nothing seems to be happening.

If I’ve not given enough information then please let me know.

As i said i’m fairly inexperienced with Dynamo so any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance



We use that, thats a strong tool, to change pdfs … there are a lot more of them, and openSource

Thank you Draxl_Andreas i will check it out.

I just wonder how useful it will be for the file naming system we use at our company, i.e. BS EN ISO 19650 and being able to input the various different fields every time we need to rename.

Thanks again

Try the built in File.Rename node as it has fairly robust error handling to inform you why it fails (ie: file doesn’t exist at that path, or is locked as in use).