Rename grids

info :
One of the problems that engineers face in their work is the difference in the system adopted for marking the columns, and according to each system, for each organization and for each organization, the recognized system differs in naming or work, and also the difference in languages, which raises a problem in naming
Also, the revit depends on numbers only in naming, and in some countries the name depends on numbers and letters.
the problem :
Therefore, in the case of relying on the naming of each of the axes of the columns, it will lead to a lot of time wasted in renaming and also inaccuracy at times; and also one of the problems that I had in my work is that most of the algorithm that can be used relies on the horizontal and vertical axes only
The solution :
Therefore, I worked on preparing an algorithm for renaming according to any recognized system and in any possible position or angle, and the solution originated through a study of mathematical equations for Sabben to achieve efficiency and accuracy in operation and also reduce the time of running the code in solving the probleml

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You can also use element set name form clockwork.

thanks for your feedback i will put this option in new version