Rename elements (beams,columns etc.) by X and Y direction

@imran_raj1985 Slightly altered. Should work fine now
renumber_framing-20170209.dyn (28.2 KB)


thanks @Vikram_Subbaiah
its work like a charm,:+1:
one more thing, this script is works on all elements, not by level.
can you tell me what is wrong with my script?
because i am learner in Dynamo. so i need to understand… :slight_smile:

For that you’ll also need to group and sort the Z coordinates
Something like this…
renumber_framing-20170209A.dyn (31.8 KB)


i think i didn’t tell you properly,
every level we need to start beam number from B1,B2 etc…so we can create schedule by every level . (sorry my bad)

So you want to renumber the beams per level based on the sequence, running the script once per level?

Try inserting these into your graph immediately after the “All Elements of Category” node.


cant use your code block.

Double check your spelling. level and Level is not the same.

case sensitive

Thank you very much @jacob.small and @Vikram_Subbaiah for your support.:blush:
and also thanks to @Einar_Raknes :wink:

Without all your support i cant complete this beam numbering.

FINAL DYN FILE renumber_framing-Final.dyn (38.7 KB)

have nice day :slight_smile:

see you all of you in future :slight_smile:



By your question, I can maybe assume that your are working like the Brazilians engenieers.
If that’s your case, I have two DYN files that can renumber the Structural columns and Slabs (by level, just like the Beams).
Send me an e-mail asking:

To all other people, thanks for contributing…

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I was trying to replicate the script from this topic (in my particular case, to number Structural Columns) and I noticed that when I use GroupByKey, notwithstanding the elements being properly grouped, the groups themselves aren’t properly sorted (i.e.: the X coordinates are sorted as follows: -10000, 0, 10000 and -15100). The strange thing is, when I sort the unique keys (i.e. the unique X coordinates) using List.Sort, the values are sorted as I want them to (-15100, -10000, 0, 10000).

Any idea why this is happening and how I can fix this? Thanks in advance.

@imran_raj1985 imran, i need your help with similar task. I need to renumber (mark) for curtain panel , in elevation view. I need new number starting from 1 , on each floor. What changes i need to make in this script. I am novice with dynamo.

This thread already has a solution, and your request is quite different from this one, so extending this doesn’t really make sense. Please start a new thread for your situation, posting an example of what you have, what you have tried, and a clear illustration of what you are trying to do, and linking back to this thread as a reference.

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@AGM… Your problem is simple to solve.
Just Sort the list with the rounded X coordinates, before going to Keys.
This way, the groups will be sorted as well.

This topic already has a solution, and that problem isn’t directly related so I’m closing this one out.