Removing/getting Parameters in a (non-active) family document

Hey guys,

A lot of my work is editing families. I have used a lot of DanEdu scripts to add parameters and values etc. in .rfa files, but now I am trying to remove some parameters.

I used the node “FamilyDocument.GetParameterByName” to first see if the parameter exists and after this i want to use the node “FamilyDocument.RemoveParameter”. This workflow because the family needs to exist for the removeparameter node to work.

The GetParameter node returns everything “null” if at least one of the parameters is not in 1 of the documents, instead of null for only that parameter.

The given parameters all exist in 2 of the documents and some in the other 4 documents.
Any ideas how to fix this or work around it ?

Please change to the Orchid Package, I have deprecated the DanEDU package :slight_smile:

I would like to. But the Orchid package does not show up in Dynamo. @Kulkul already tried to install it with teamviewer 1 1/2 month ago but without any luck. Tried it again today, also without any luck.

Should I remove the DanEdu package first or should that not matter ? I use the DanEdu script a lot so I do not want to remove it without an alternative if its not really really needed.

Do you have any packages installed which hold the "DynamoServices.dll" file? Lunchbox had this at some point and that will give errors. Nate fixed that but ran into other problems, so you can not install Lunchbox in the newest version at the moment. However, you can just delete the "DynamoServices.dll" file since it is a part of the dynamo software and should not be locally copyied in packages at all.

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Thank you! Orchid works. Now i hope the nodes work a bit differently than the old ones.

Amazing. What a difference in the package. Thanx again. ORchid solved all my problems!

Well, it was not the Orchid package that solved it… it was errors in other packages. It is a very huge problem to support your own package knowing that this package works… when errors in other packages kan influence on it. No Authors can be responsible for other than what they maintain by themselves.

I do understand that for end users is this not easily understandable, but it is a problem that many of the installation problems I have had reported is not problems in my package but in other installed packages.

In the 200.x.x.x series of my package, I code up against the new dynamo engine. If someone then includes parts of the old engine in their package this will destroy my package.

I am glad that you now can skip the DanEDU package and go for the Orchid package.

You are right. When dynamo 2.0 came out I did not transision very clean into that version because some packages didnt have an update yet and others did. The result was that some package worked fine and others didn’t.

Now a lot of packages have been added to the dynamo 2.0 so I think its time to reinstall everything without pieces of old packages or old nodes still in the folders.