Removing floor's Points

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been trying to use Dynamo more and more lately & my latest exploit has been to semi-automatically create floors based on outdoors point clouds. This is something we want to eventually simplify & evolve but so far here’s how we’re proceeding:

  1. Clean Point clouds;
  2. Use an addin to transfer points from the point cloud to a toposurface;
  3. Use a simple dynamo routine to transfer the points from the toposurface’s subregions to the floor;

The problem is that even though the addin copies way fewer points than the ones the point cloud has, it’s still too many to add to the floor & it makes the floor barely workable & the whole file very slow, as seen in one floor from the project in the following image:

We’ve been discussing & decided that if we could keep only the on the floor’s border points (in green) it would have enough detail for this job & I’m trying to figure out a way to select the internal points (in blue) & then remove them from the floor itself.

Since I’m still trying to figure out dynamo itself I would ask you to point me in the right direction to solve this issue because I’ve found very few nodes to delete poins (understandably so).
Thank you for your time!

There is an API method to get the boarder points from a toposurface which would likely be the simplest conversion.