Remove sublist from a list

hello everyone

I want to know how i can remove/ deleate an entire sublist of list.

should I write a script of python?

Thank you for your help

You can simply use the List.RemoveItemAtIndex node.

but with this function i should know the index of the sublist which i want to deleate

It’s right ?


Yes. On what basis do you want to delete it? What you’ll most likely end up doing is finding the index of the part you want to delete and then remove that part based on the index.

Look here, you only need the index of the sublist:

I should create helicoidal staircase which it composes from a list of list of cartesien coordinates.
but it felt a ligne of coordinates for the last step for this staircase…

Can you simply explain how you want to alter the list of data?

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Please show us the graph of what you already have
and what you whant too achieve

I want to deleate the last list 19 in order to deleate the unfinished step of staircase.

please show a bigger picture i want to now a little bit more about the inputs

type in youre code block -1; instead of 19

i have tried with -1 in code block.
but it is not possible

i think also you need to use list levelbut i need to now more about the output of List Transpose

Try in the List.RemoveItemAtIndex
list @L3

same time :grinning:
@L3 is not the solution
no need for list levels

what is the outcome off the list.removeitematindex?
is 19 still in it?

those 2 points are elsewhere in the list
show a bigger picture
Do you create elsewhere in the graph a line?