Remove/replace/move legend on sheet


Looking for tips on what nodes to use for moving a placed legend on a sheet. Can a legend be moved on a sheet with the use of dynamo? If not, what node(s) can be used to remove the legend from a sheet (not deleted from the project) to place by coordinates again?

Thanks in advance.

Why not activate the legend view, and move the contents of the legend instead? This will in effect move the legend relative to the sheets.

Thank you for your reply. That would have been a solution, but the legend is placed on multiple sheets at different locations. Looking for an answer doing this through the use of dynamo.

This thread may help: Place Legends/Views on Sheets by coordinates

Thank you. In this thread they talk a lot about placing legends on sheets by locations, but from what I have experienced, if a legend is placed on a sheet it will not update its location when the script is run with a revised location; only sheets without the specified legend will update to the new coordinates, but correct me if this is wrong. Then please advice me to what script (or what in the script); there are several mentioned in this thread, would also relocated placed legends.

If you get the viewport you can remove it from the sheet via a delete method (there are many), and then you can create the new on on the sheet.