Delete unused legends

Hi all,

There is a custom node in “archi-lab” to select the unused schedules but it is with python script and unfortunately I can’t work with python so I want to change this from schedules to legend can anyone help thanks a lot.


Hi @mahmoud.radwanVLQUU,

You can do like this :


this packages works on Revit 2017??


can you send to me your script and thanks alot

There are only 5 nodes to place…

Delete non placed legend.dyn (5.1 KB)

I downloaded already the Genuis Loci Packages but it didn’t work I don’t know why
I’m using Revit 2017.2 and the Dynamo is 2.0

Your package is not up to date

Thanks for the script. I got the error as below.


The name of the node has changed slightly. Use the Collector of PlacedViews node instead.

thanks for the such a quick replay. Its deleting all Legend…actually I need to delete which is not placed in sheet.

There must be an error somewhere on your graph.
It’s just a subtraction between all the legends and legends placed on sheets.

Delete non placed legend.dyn (12.1 KB)

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Thanks a Lot…I got it.