Import excel data to revit - help with graph

Created a graph to get data from an excel file for revision clouds Mark values.
need assistance to finish it off,

Reading the Mark value which has been assigned in excel and now need to be re-valued in Revit.

See graph attachedCapture

Well, for one, you’re feeding an Element list to a Parameter node, not the relevant parameter, so I assume that’s what that warning is about…
In general, I expect you’re getting some nulls in the output from List.GetItemAtIndex which you may need to clean up (List.Clean, for example), though that depends on whether that messes up the alignment with the parameters you want to change.

Can you provide some more information as to what you’re trying to accomplish and what’s going wrong?

Revit has no method of scheduling revision bubble comments.

So we have a host of revisions which we added comments to. Then a mark value which the tag pick up and is displayed on the sheets.

So i exported the revision bubble comments and marks to an excel sheet, corrected the mark value in the excel sheet and no want to push that data back into the mark value of the revsion bubble.

in a nut shell

Hi Grant,

You have some of the right ideas, but there’s a few extra steps and replacing some nodes that will help you get what you’re looking for. Give this a shot. - Nick