Batch Remove all Families Parameters

is there a way to delete all families parameters from a certain directory, similar to what been discussed @ Remove Parameters from a Revit Family

but I need to delete all parameters, of course except the system parameters, in all families all in a batch process.

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If I may add to this question:
Will removing the parameters make the families significantly smaller?

Not that much, but the idea is to remove the unused parameters comes from the manufactures, while i want to connect them to my database parameters which are customized to our use.

Thanks for your intervention

If you can do it for a single family, you can batch the process for all the families in a folder.

You can open families in the background or if that doesn’t work (it depends on what you need to do) you can use Dynamo Automation.

You will find good examples for both approaches if you do a search in the Forum.

I’ve tried to get all parameters of all open families and Fitch them back to “delete parameters node”, but the issue is that I need to filter out all built in parameters which can’t be deleted, is my approach is correct or I should look to another way of doing things?


Hi @AbdulKareem_Elsabeeh,

I think your approach is correct.
The only thing you need a list of parameters you don’t want in your families.
Then you can filter this list against the output of the “parameter.parameters” node.
An example of the Filter (BoolMask) can be found in the topic below.

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There are nodes to get all builtin parameters. Couldn’t you just filter them out?

it is not about builtin parameters, getting families from a third party…setting there parameters to mine then want to delete theres

Thank you for your moral sense of protecting the property of others, I totally agree with you, but now that we are in front of open BIM, while all BIM contents are available for all without any restriction, what I use here is a generic family, and still have unwanted parameters.
furthermore, I was explained in the threads before, that my approach is to have all information related to families stored in an external database, rather than store hundred of parameters in Revit.

I’ve tried to filter out the built parameters using the following script, I know this not the best, but unfortunately still not works.
Appreciate all replies on this subject, Thank you all.

Modify Family Parameters-2.dyn (38.2 KB)