Remove Legend Components from Selection

Hello all,

I’m trying to select certain tags by their text. However, tags that are Legend Components break the Tag Text component:

Is there a way I can determine which tags are Legend Components and remove them from my selection?

Thanks a lot for any ideas.

You can probably filter them by a parameter. I usually take all the parameters of 1 element of each category and look for differences.

Are there any parameters common to all legend components? My ultimate goal is for this script to work for all tag categories.

I can’t test it right now, but I guess there is something that all legend components have in common, it can even be a parameter that doesn’t exist by other tags.

Try Element.Parameters (i guess) in Dynamo, and see by yourself. Maybe that just the name of the Tags are sufficient…

Thank you all for your replies.

As always with dynamo, there are a hundred ways to do the same thing. What I figured out is to get the name of the owner view using Clockwork and filter out all the tags whose owners have a name including “legend”

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Please post this example graph so others can learn from what you did. :slight_smile: