Remove duplicates from sublists, keep the structure

There is a list with sublists of elements.
How can I remove duplicates from sublists? The structure should be preserved.
image_2020-12-30_145901Sample-R2020.dyn (5.6 KB)

Hi @NurlanAdsk !
You can refer to this topic :


Hi @NurlanAdsk

You could remove this way:

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Thanks guys for quick help

result = []
duplicate_items = []
for nested in IN[0]:
	unique = []
	for item in nested:
		if item not in duplicate_items:
OUT = result

Hi guys!
now, i’m trying for do some thing like that: I have a list with sublists of elements. I want to remove duplicates in sublists with the structure should be preserved.
How can I do it please?


Welcome to the forum. Do you mean the structure in the sublist?
Do you want to remove the duplicated values or do you want to replace it with for example a null?